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P&C Association Executive 2016

President   |   Mishelle Young   |   president@irpspc.com

Secretary   |   Sumaiya Tamjeed    |   secretary@irpspc.com

Treasurer   |   Daniella Farcash   |   treasurer@irpspc.com

Vice President   |   Craig Smith   |   vp1@irpspc.com

Vice President   |   Eddie    |    vp2@irpspc.com


Sub Committee Coordinators 2016


Events Coordinator   |   Emma Andrews   |   fundraising@irpspc.com

Uniform Coordinator   |   Deanne Baronoff   |   uniforms@irpspc.com

Student Banking Coordinators   |   _________________   |   studentbanking@irpspc.com


The Ironbark Ridge Parents and Citizens Association actively supports the students and many activities undertaken by the school.

The P&C operates the Uniform Shop and conducts various fundraising activities throughout the year. The funds raised from these activities are used to support the strategic management plan put in place by the Principal and staff of Ironbark Ridge.

The P&C supports communication through the following:

P&C Facebook page - search Fb for "Ironbark Ridge Public School P&C Association"

IRPS App available through the app store. This is a free app available for iphone and android

Class Contact List (please complete the form when it comes home) - see this year's Class Contacts

School newsletter - forwarded by your class contact fortnightly or available on the app / website / Fb

Website - the P&C has information on the school website... here :)


The P&C meets on Wednesday evening of Week 2 and Week 8 of each school term in the school library at 7pm. 
New members are always welcome.