Click below to download and print a credit card payment slip. Simply fill it in and send it to school with your child or drop it in to our friendly office staff in a clearly marked envelope. 

Credit Card Payment Slip (pdf 280 KB)

Please see that all notes currently available have been converted to PDF files for your convenience.

Online Payment Portal Info (pdf 47 KB)

Medical Information Form (pdf 119 KB) Please use this to update your child's health/medical conditions.


Any parents wishing to volunteer to help in the canteen, in classroom reading groups, assisting the P&C or who have been invited to accompany students and teachers for a class excursion, are required to complete an Appendix 5 - Declaration for Volunteers and Non-Child Related Contractors form together with the IRPS Parent Code of Conduct form. These forms are attached below and are also available from the school office.

Appendix 5 Declaration (pdf 98 KB) - For Parent Volunteers

Parent Code of Conduct (pdf 74 KB)