News  » Ridgy the frog lives at Ironbark Ridge

Last updated 11:27 PM on 9 August 2017

Students at Ironbark Ridge are often greeted by our school mascot, Ridgy the frog, as they turn a corner or look down a pathway. Ridgy pops out from corners all over the school to remind students of our school expectations. Ridgy is a very popular character - he/she displays our school colours of green and red and has our school emblem on his/her chest. Ridgy is always walking safely on the hard surfaces and responsibly wearing a hat in the sun. Ridgy shows great respect to our school and to all friends. Ridgy is a SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE member of the Ironbark Ridge community. You might hear Ridgy and friends croaking in the school pond near the Staffroom on evening...


Ridgy the frog reading